International Champagne Horse Registry

Scottish Five Bar


Scottish Five Bar

1993 Amber Champagne American Quarter Horse

AQHA  #3243705 and  ICHR #QH1993-0450


Offered for stud service by his NEW OWNER:

Chantal K. Spleiss
Rietlistrasse 49
Grüningen Switzerland
His home web page
This stallion is currently in Buffalo, New York,
and will be standing in Ontario, Canada later this year.

Scotty is an excellent stallion. He is 93% NFQHA, he carries the beautiful Champagne gene, he has a fantastic head -- he wears an Arabian size halter, his hip is excellent, he is a heavy muscled stallion. He has lots of look to him. (He is no longer for sale - we love Scotty and would miss him too much!)

Born 5/10/93, Scotty is a handsome, Amber Champagne, Foundation Quarter Horse stallion. He has an incredible disposition, and he passes on his beautiful small head, and fantastic hip.  Scotty is 93% Foundation.  He is registered with AQHA, NFQHA, ABHA, ICHR, and APHA.   He is 14.3 hands tall.

He is cowy, athletic, agile, and, best of all, gentle.

At last count 87%  of his foals were champagne. His foals surpass him.  Here are a few of them:


He is a great grandson of Leo; his ancestors include Leo x2, Poco Bueno x2, Poco Prince, Old Tom Cat, Joe Reed II, Joe Reed, Three Bars, Robin Reed, Poco McCue, Hard Twist, all within a 6 generation pedigree.

This is your opportunity to breed to this unique color with a great pedigree. Sadly, Scotty was not shown due to the fact he was not handled until he was 6 years old. However that just shows how gentle he really is: despite the fact he was not handled early, he is still as good as he is. You can see more of Scotty and his foals on our website.

Scotty’s 2011 Stud Fee is 550.00 USD or CAD (+HST)
He stands at stud to outside mares for pasture or hand breeding.
Cooled or Frozen Semen may be available upon request.
Multiple Mare Discount. Discount for Proven Mares. Life Foal Guarantee.

PO Box 4430
Paso Robles, CA 93447-4430

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