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Champagne on Chestnut

Zippos Millenium Bug

Gold is the result of one or two champagne genes acting upon an otherwise red (chestnut/sorrel) horse.  This can have several different results, depending upon which other genes are present.  Usually, when adults, they have a flaxen (white) mane and tail, like the horse shown here. Click HERE to see a larger version of this same photo.

The usual way the Champagne gene affects a red (chestnut/sorrel) based horse is to create a golden body color with a flaxen, or near-white, mane & tail.  This horse is usually registered as a Palomino, even though the skin is some shade of pink with freckles, not the normal dark skin of the Palomino.  The term "mottled", under skin color, may allow for this in the PHBA registry (Palomino Horse Breeders of America.) 

Most Gold Champagne foals are born with darker coats, manes and tails, that gradually lighten as they shed out in subsequent months or years.  However, Gold sometimes manifests as more of an apricot color with darker apricot points.  This is referred to as "Dark Gold" (see second example below).

Factoid: Nearly the entire American Cream Draft Horse breed is gold Champagne, which they call "medium cream".

MORE EXAMPLES OF GOLD CHAMPAGNE:  (click the thumbnail pictures to enlarge)

SZQ1.JPG (50322 bytes)

 Gold filly Zips SiouxzQ Outlaw  had a mane and tail that matched her "red" body color (see inset at right) until she matured, when her body color lightened, and her mane and tail grew in flaxen.  This is very typical for Golds. 

See "Cita", just below, for the "other kind of Gold". 

cita8.jpg (22817 bytes)

Here is a "Dark Gold" champagne mare.  Some Golds, like this one, have manes & tails that are (and remain) darker than their body color.  JIL Doccita Gold ("Cita")

wpe8C.jpg (4696 bytes)

Champagne Cadillac, a Gold AQHA stallion owned by Mrs. Kimberlee Brown of WI.

fanny_gold.jpg (21130 bytes)

Clar Ann Cap's Judy, a Gold American Cream Draft Horse mare, owned by Chris Ertl in WI.  Nearly this entire breed is Gold Champagne, with some being Gold creams and a very few palominos, though those have very a limited status in the registry.


Zippo's Millenium Bug, a Gold mare owned by Ereidi Farms

The Gold TWH stud colt, Primed For Cash.  Note the pink, freckled skin under his tail, right.  The younger the horse, usually, the fewer freckles. (Click the thumbnails to see the pictures.)

EllieMael.30.04.jpg (19495 bytes)

Ellie Mae, a Gold MFT  sired by Danny's Pride of Princess S. (aka Lobo) out of a dark red chestnut mare, Sal's Good Sugar Baby (FAR right).  At left, her color as a 10 month old filly; NEAR right, her color as she matured.

EllieMaeEye.jpg (28018 bytes)
EllieMaeMuzzle.jpg (27145 bytes)

EllieMaePP.jpg (28851 bytes)This is Ellie Mae again, also at 10 mos., in winter coat, in CA.  Her close-up pictures of eye, muzzle and under-tail show clearly that she is a champagne.  Add to this her famous Gold champagne sire, Lobo, and she gets registered as Gold champagne.

Lobo's proud owner is Linda Vishino,   Zorro Farms , St. Louis, MO

There are many more Golds, of course, in our stud book; why not have a look through it? 
Online STUD BOOK main page.

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